We are sending out emails to our customers who has an active account with us about the changes we applied to meet the requirements of the GDPR regulations.

Most of these features we will talk about were there already and we tried to manage the data we collected sensibly.

We have some features for you if you are:

  • simple visitor
  • client of GetOnline Pro Limited

Simple visitor

You can find the Privacy Policy following this link – Privacy Policy. Also you can use our Privacy Tools to check and delete the information we collected using the cookies you possibly approved. The Privacy Tool helps you to check and delete this information.

Client of GetOnline Pro Limited

As you are using one of our services we are collecting data about you to contact you in relation of these services and invoices. You can read more about this in the Privacy Policy. With our invoicing system you can log in to manage your data and services you are using. For this we have our Client Control Panel. Please use the email address you registered with to update your password. If you still have problems please let us know on the support@getonline.ie email address.

We are not using your data to send out marketing emails or to sell it to another third party. We keep your data safe and secure. Please inform us if you experience this differently.

For our customers

If you are a customer of GetOnline Pro Limited you probably have a website prepared by us. On these websites we installed Google Analytics so we can be prepared when the ‘How many visitors my site had …’ question is coming. There is a chance we did not install GA, but if this is the case at least a cookie consent should be applied to the site.

If you have a WordPress site with us with Support contract, we already applied the cookie notice plugin to the site. With other systems like Joomla, we will do this in the coming week. (11 May – 25 May) We cannot upgrade the Joomla 1.5 or older systems with this feature without a notice from you so please after you received the email from us, immediately contact us for advice. We will answer everyone individually as every website is different and every site has different features installed. Below we try to help to prepare for different features.

Google analytics

When you are generating the privacy policy you can have a look on Google’s policy as well. https://www.google.com/analytics/terms/us.html

Contact Form

It depends if you are collecting this information for further using it or just to answer questions once off. Please update the policy document according to this.

Mailchimp (or other mailing subscription)

The provider website contains help about the required consent. Usually a list has an opt in/out feature what you should use. Also you have to send out an email to your subscribers that you will use their email address and what purpose. The email should contain the link to offer unsubscribe which is managed on MailChimp.


Webshop owners usually are collecting data about the customers to maintain selling records etc.
Woocommerce – https://woocommerce.com/gdpr/


There are several policy generator applications on the Internet. WP users can have one if they come back to us by email to support@getonline.ie.
Other system users should write an email to us so we can help them to generate a policy document for their website.

We can help to update your site with documents or improve the security on it. The service will be charged at €50+VAT per hour.

We are updating this post as soon as we have more information regarding the specific plugins. Please come back regularly.

Last updated: 18 May 2018